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Love You Forever Project - Adrianne's Story

Adrianne is the mother of three precious boys. As a part of our Love You Forever Project, she has graciously shared her story of her youngest, Owen. Thanks to Adrianne for sharing her story: Nothing prepares you for the news that your baby has died. After two healthy pregnancies and straightforward deliveries, I was preparing myself and my family for the arrival of our third child. I had experienced a miscarriage between my two living children, so I thought I was out of the woods after the 1st trimester. I was so wrong.Because of a decrease in movement, which I contributed to being 39 weeks pregnant and the baby running out of room, I went into the hospital for a...

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Love You Forever Project - Heather's Story

  As the first of our stories of families that have experienced infant loss or still birth, my sister Heather wrote about her experiences. Her daughter Eden, and son Lucas inspired the Love You Forever project.  This is her story: There was a time in my life when stillbirth was that scary word at the back of the pregnancy guide. A word that described the uncommon experience of women in past generations. I was certain it was in there only to convince me, a newly expectant mom, to take extra good care of myself and my body during pregnancy. That chapter was for other women-those who knew they had risk factors. I was young, healthy and did all the right...

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The Love You Forever Project Stories

When we launched the Love You Forever Project in early November 2015, it was important to me to not only raise funds for NILMDTS, but also to allow parents who have lost children to share their stories, and create more awareness about stillbirth and infant loss.  A sentiment I hear from most of the infant loss families I have spoken to, is that their experience tends to be isolating. I truly believe that through individuals sharing their story, a greater understanding of, and caring for, an individual who has experienced a difficult and incomprehensible loss, like that of a child, is possible. We have posted some of these stories on our Instagram account.  While this worked to share stories, the...

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