The Love You Forever Project Stories

When we launched the Love You Forever Project in early November 2015, it was important to me to not only raise funds for NILMDTS, but also to allow parents who have lost children to share their stories, and create more awareness about stillbirth and infant loss.  A sentiment I hear from most of the infant loss families I have spoken to, is that their experience tends to be isolating. I truly believe that through individuals sharing their story, a greater understanding of, and caring for, an individual who has experienced a difficult and incomprehensible loss, like that of a child, is possible. We have posted some of these stories on our Instagram account. 

While this worked to share stories, the nature of Instagram, with it's single image format and the limit of the length of story we were able to post, felt limiting. This blog was part of a dream to have these stories more easily accessible and to offer a better place to share more of the complexities in those stories. I hope to add more of these personal experiences to create awareness and to allow parents to share their child's name and story.




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